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Writing 2016

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D. Yarosh.  The Neuroscience of Skin Aging.  Textbook of Aging Skin, 2nd Edition (Eds. M.A. Farage, K.W. Miller, H.I. Maibach). Springer 2016.

D. Yarosh.  DNA Damage and Repair in Skin Aging.  Textbook of Aging Skin, 2nd Edition (Eds. M.A. Farage, K.W. Miller, H.I. Maibach). Springer 2016.

Nevena Karaman-Jurukovska and Daniel B. Yarosh. The Role of DNA Repair in Photoprotection.  Principles and Practices of Photoprotection (Eds. S.Q. Wang and H.W. Lim).  Springer Verlag 2016.

Technology Advisor

Inside the Beauty Industry: Chief Technology Advisor, Estee Lauder Companies

Board of Directors, Aceto Corp. (NASDAQ: ACET) - generic drugs

Outside the Beauty Industry: Dermatology Pharma consultant

Today I scout technology, looking for the next big thing.  

I founded the dermatology and skincare company Applied Genetics Inc. Dermatics and after 23 years sold it to Estee Lauder Cos. in 2008.  Then  I led their global Basic Science Research in R&D for 6 years.  During my tenure the EL stock price .... (for more see About Dan Yarosh)

The New Science of Perfect Skin


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The Future of Luxury

We are at the beginning of a revolution in luxury branding.  It is most remarkable because it is drawing into its vortex hard science and social science.  It is a convergence of neurobiology, psychology, behavioral economics and evolutionary biology.  Its tools are neuromarketing, brain scanners, pathology, mathematics, facial recognition, eye trackers, and personal questionnaires.  It is rigorous, based on the scientific method, and is explaining the greatest secrets of our humanity.

This convergence will sweep aside empirical lessons from business and marketing classrooms of the past 50 years. We will come to grips
with the fact that all decisions are "emotional", and that in many important ways people do not think “rationally”. We will learn that our modern decision-making was hammered into place by evolutionary biology tens of thousands of years ago, before reading or writing.  We will learn where in the brain our thoughts are born, percolate, and become action.  This knowledge will make communicating among us faster, cheaper and more accurate.

But this new convergence is threatening to some.  Many of our biggest consumer products companies, and their business and marketing leaders, are poorly trained in the hard sciences.  Some actively avoid it.

New companies, with new people, who are competent in this converging science, will supplant them.  We saw this in the last few decades when personal computing overturned all the news media, entertainment and music industries.

Are you ready?

What you will find here: Discussion of the convergence of these sciences on luxury branding and neuromarketing.  Ideas formed into essays, scientific papers, commentary and reviews of the work of others.  It will all have the purpose of understanding ourselves better, and aligning our work with concepts supported by facts. Oh, and there may be a little humor (both light and dark) along the way… 

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