Cosmetics & Beauty, Dermatology, Biotech, and Pharma

Board Member
Board of Directors, Aceto Corp. 2014 - 2019

Estée Lauder Companies

Retired SVP Basic Science Research and Chief Technology Advisor 2008 - 2016

AGI Dermatics
Founder of NY biotech in DNA repair, dermatology and cosmetics 1985 - 2008

I advise companies

on the next big thing in skin care science.  My experience in the market - from cosmetics to drugs - from making raw materials to selling luxury consumer goods - gives me a broad view of the development and marketing of new technology and product claims.  (for more see About Dan Yarosh)


  • Skin Care: Biotech and Pharma Companies

  • Cosmetics Ingredients, Products and Marketing Claims: High Tech & Luxury 

  • Patents: Writing and Claims Analysis

  • Corporate Board: Compensation and Audit & Risk Committees 


  • Skin Care Science and Technology: DNA Repair, Skin Pigmentation & Lightening, Microbiome, Neuroscience of Beauty, Cosmetic Ingredients, Scientific Support of Marketing Claims

  • Research Management: Maximize Reward v Risk in R&D Spending

  • Corporate Governance (especially Compensation Policy)

Engagement Tasks:

  • Board of Directors

  • Technology Scouting and Review

  • Due Diligence in M&A

  • Patent Review and Analysis

  • Expert Testimony in Litigation and Arbitration


In this website you will find my writings on topics of interest to me, from evolutionary biology to the neuroscience of beauty.  You can receive my papers of interest to you by writing to me. (for more see About Dan Yarosh)

The                   are in and they are GREAT!  

November 1918: World War I had just ended and the deadly Spanish flu was raging across the world.  Max Shertok, an immigrant US Army Private, leaves his Big Red One fighting unit in France to rescue his parents from civil war in Russia.  On his way East he meets Zalmund Hofitz and Deena Wójick, renegades from the Bolshevik Revolution.  The pair had fought police in the mayhem of worker revolts in Poland, carried guns for the Bolsheviks in the Red Terror in Moscow, and ran contraband for the crime syndicate in the decadence of Kyiv.  Together, the explosive triangle produces love, betrayal, arrest and mass murder in the chaos that consumed Europe after the Peace. Will Max make it through the Cossacks, White Army, Anarchists, Ukrainian Nationals and Bolsheviks to his parents and back home to the US?  Based on real people and true stories of the most tumultuous time of the Century.

The book is available as an eBook in Amazon/KindleKobo and Barnes & Noble/Nook, and now as an audiobook in Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  In softcover now from BookBaby and April 1 from AmazonBarnes & Noble and many other booksellers. See Goodreads for a complete list of stores.
Read the front story, back story and a

map of the plot in

"The Death of Hercules: Interview with Myself”.

Dan Yarosh

The Latest (2022)
Want to know more about DNA REPAIR ENZYMES in skincare products?  Watch my YouTube Interview with Master Aesthetician Penn Smith.  

Remember to check out THE DEATH OF HERCULES – A DocuNovel.  This historical thriller is based on a story told in my family for a hundred years. 

The New Science of Perfect Skin


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From a Goodread's review:

"This is a well written book that will help you understand how and why your skin care purchases matter.  Moreover, you will learn how to protect your skin.  Readers of any age will find information of value to their health.  During a recent visit to a Plastic Surgeon's office to ask a few guessed it, this book was on the physician's shelf."  


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